A trip through the Planes

It begins!

With Rehje feeling a bit under the weather, Caer-lith attempts a curing magic. This at first seems a partial success, with Rehje feeling a little better. Rehje's symptoms develop however, leaving her weak, and covered in boils.

Even though she is sick, Rehje manages to find the strength to use her magic to clean and mend the spoils of the parties raid on the sewer thieves. Once the loot is more or less presentable, Rehje scans the pile for any magical items. After finding an enchanted ring, the party decides to attempt to negotiate the ring as their share of the spoils. This decided, Gillia takes the loot and sets off for the pre-arranged meeting point with her contacts.

At the meeting, Gillia presents the items, and attempts to negotiate for the ring. The thieves bring in a wizard to identify the ring, and after mentioning that it was a minor concealment charm, the thieves agree, after being informed of the identity of the Noble that was behind the Sewer operation. 



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