I am NOT a Lizard you git!


Str. 11 Dex. 17 Ac. -2 Con. 11 Int. 18 Wis. 6 (Originally 7) Cha. 15

Weapons Longsword +3 Thac0 13 1d8+3 Small Cross bow Thac0 13 1d4

Backstab x 4 Thief skills mostly around 60%

Special 50% resist fire Pyrotechnics 3x a week +2 save vs spell +2 AC – leathery skin Detect evil x2 a day Mirror Image x1 day


Gillia is a tiefling rogue who until recently lived in Sigil, the city of portals/doors. She has distinctive tiefling traits such as an elongated face, leathery skin and a lizard tail. Whilst in Sigil this doesn’t attract too much attention, whenever she is in the planes she has to constantly be disguised or face extreme prejudice. She is a member of the “Takers” as such she does not perform or give charity, to anyone, for any reason. If by chance she saves a member of the party from certain doom, she takes her fee. She is a keen gamer and recently has been investing in property(some of which she won from some down and out git). She enjoys hanging around in bars, telling tales and swindling people out of a few coin. She feels akin to Estavan, a fellow entrepreneur and seizer of chance, to most a large half orc mage. She fancies perhaps going into business with him once things settle down a bit. As you may have guessed she does not get along with the rest of the party. She is hot tempered and constantly struggling to take command. They do not see her vision of owning taverns and brothels, instead they wish to save kittens stuck up trees or some rubbish. She feels the robot Modron may be useful if it weren’t so attached to the cat girl (yes I see the irony).


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