a tiefling mage with a bad Russian accent and very little grasp on grammar


Str: 6 Dex: 12 Con: 14 Int: 19 Wis: 11 Cha: 17

Can speak the languages of Planar Common, Baatezu, Bariaur, Djinni, Dao, Githyanki, Githzerai, Mephit, and Tana’ari.

Tiefling Abilities: *Infravision (60-foot range) *½ damage from fire, electricity *Detect Magic 3/day *+2 saving throw vs fire damage *Portal Feel (-9 to Int, roll lower) *All attacks reduce enemy magic resistance by 7% *Claws do d4 slashing damage

Faction abilities: *Immune to madness inducing spells (Chaos, confusion, delude, feeblemind, Otto’s dance, etc) *Saving throw vs. ESP spells *Immune to psionic abilities (ego whip, psychic crush, psychic surgery, etc) *Must roll a d20 at the beginning of every day to determine sanity


Looks like a bi-pedal cat, but without a tail. Significant leonine features, suggesting partial wemic ancestry. Hands and feet only have three digits each, and her eyes are black featureless orbs.

Became a Bleaker after an unpleasant run-in with a half-elven Sensate gentleman called La’sa’ta Birchgroven. She was attempting to gain admission to the Bleak Cabal, but was told she didn’t truely understand the tenets. She wandered the city, and was approached by Birchgroven, who she didn’t know. She was invited to a Sensate party, and accepted, but was repelled and disgusted by the hedonistic revelry and the extravagence of Birchgroven and his young companions. Sneaking away, she returned to the Hive, depressed and despondant. A half-orc Bleaker called Savi initiated her into the ranks, claiming now Rehje had full knowledge of what the world was like.

Rehje’s motivating belief is based on the principle of nobless oblige, to the point where all who ‘have’ are – in one way or another – nobility, and, therefore, an obligation to help those who ‘have not’. Decadence is not only distasteful, but is a sin when there are those who lack. She believes there is always a way to help someone.

Has a habit of collecting random plants and other useless items from every plane she visits. Sometimes, that’s come in handy, particularly for the party’s collective wealth.

She experiments with magic items and potion more than is healthy for someone with a varying sanity level.


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