A trip through the Planes

Is this thing working?

After Rehje and Caer-Lith recovered from their shocking encounter with the recharged orb, the sound of screaming could be heard in the distance from University of Magic. While Rehje and Caer-Lith went to investigate, Unit 5503 went to find Gillia, who was working disguised in the tavern.

Rehje and Caer-Lith discover that the University is on fire, and there are demons wandering around inside. Rehje attempts to scout around while invisible, and runs into a group of Mariliths and Molydeus. The Molydeus spot Rehje, and she retreats with Caer-Lith. Caer-Lith uses the Decanter of Oceanic water to hold off the demons. After a time of this, a band of Aasimon appear behind the demons and engage. The demons summon allies, some of which are sent to pursue Caer-Lith and Rehje.

In the tavern, Unit 5503 attempts to convince Gillia to accompany him, but Gillia lies, and says that she will take a back way, while in reality is escaping into the sewer tunnel that leads out of the city to Lord Skylar's Estate. Unit 5503 rushes towards the University, and runs into Rehje and Caer-Lith. Rehje uses her magic to transport herself to the nearest sewer entrance and runs towards the tunnel in the same direction that Gillia had just taken. Caer-Lith climbs onto Unit 5503 and they rush over the city wall. The demons pursuing them smash their way through the wall, and into the forest. Caer-Lith and Unit 5503 eventually lose the demons, and move towards Lord Skylar's Estate.

The party eventually meets, and decides to activate the portal device, in order to escape the pursuing demons. Stepping through the portal left the party in a completely black area. After lighting a lamp, they discover that they are in a spherical cave, with no exits. The walls of the cave are covered in crystals. Rehje decides to take some for herself. After a time, the party feels a vibration in the floor, which gets stronger and stronger until a creature burrows through the wall and into the floor. WIth this, the air in the cavern starts flowing out. Panicking, the party activate the box again, and find themselves floating in a purple void, surrounded in mist.

They start wandering, and eventually find themselves in a twisted version of Greyhawk. They attach the enchanted quill to the box, and it points towards one of the towers in the University. They follow it, and find a semi-corporeal copy of the larger orb that Rehje had previously repaired. After several attempts to interact with it, they decide to try pushing the small lightning orb into the larger orb, they fuse, and it remains fixed in place inside the large orb. The large orb then becomes fully corporeal. They then decide to place the orb inside the box. With the orb in the box, a swirling vortex opens, and everyone jumps through.

The party then finds themselves standing in knee deep water, the only land a small island a while away. They walk towards the island, and set up camp, deciding to relax for a few days. While fishing, Rehje spots a glinting in the water. Unit 5503 investigates, and finds that it is the orb. He then retrieves it. Upon closer inspection, they discover that the ineer orb is now filled with blue fluid, possible the water of the ocean that feeds the River Oceanus. Rehje decides to try to cast Detect Magic on the orb and goes blind for a day. After resting up, and salting a few fish for use as rations, they decide to try to see if they can find a pattern in the portals that the box opens. After many attempts, they seem no closer. Caer-Lith decides to try telling the box that he wants to go to Faerun. This time, when the box is activated, the quill begins to scribe magic runes around the box. Noone is able to understand the runes. Rehje tries to use her magic to read the runes, and finds the spells that she has memorised flowing into the quill. The quill writes faster and faster. The portal that eventually opens is not a flat plane, but a crumpled interface. Rehje determines that the portal opens to the Prime Material Plane. Caer-Lith steps through, and the others follow. 

 They step into a black void filled with stars, and galaxies. They feel as if they are accelerating towards something… 

It begins!

With Rehje feeling a bit under the weather, Caer-lith attempts a curing magic. This at first seems a partial success, with Rehje feeling a little better. Rehje's symptoms develop however, leaving her weak, and covered in boils.

Even though she is sick, Rehje manages to find the strength to use her magic to clean and mend the spoils of the parties raid on the sewer thieves. Once the loot is more or less presentable, Rehje scans the pile for any magical items. After finding an enchanted ring, the party decides to attempt to negotiate the ring as their share of the spoils. This decided, Gillia takes the loot and sets off for the pre-arranged meeting point with her contacts.

At the meeting, Gillia presents the items, and attempts to negotiate for the ring. The thieves bring in a wizard to identify the ring, and after mentioning that it was a minor concealment charm, the thieves agree, after being informed of the identity of the Noble that was behind the Sewer operation. 


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